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Who would YOU nominate for the 14th Annual Awards?

Nominations for the 14th Annual Awards will be announced on November 21, 2012. But before they are, here's your annual chance to get in our heads prior to our deciding who's in and who's out. Unlike Adonis, the summertime contest here at that often boils down to a popularity contest among rabid fanbases, the nominees for the annual Awards are personally decided by the editors of We try our best to base the nominations on actual displayed hunkiness in 2012..NOT general hotness. You can review the past 13 years of nominees and winners here.

We try to be as fair as possible and nominate without regard to anything other than qualifications in 2012. But we're human, so it's possible we could miss someone who is worthy. Therefore, we turn to fans and ask them to submit suggestions for who should--and shouldn't--make this year's list of nominees. With fewer soaps than ever to pick from, it will be interesting to see how the only eligible soaps (B&B, DAYS, GH, and Y&R) split the nominations.

We're truly interested in hearing what you guys are thinking in each of the categories. Feel free to e-mail us with suggestions of whom you feel is a must-have in a certain category...or someone who had better not be there. Please remember that we are looking for thoughtful suggestions across all soaps and multiple soap hunks, so any submissions we receive that say "So-and-so should be in every category" will be ignored.

The same 16 categories will be up-for-grabs this year, and should reflect hunkiness for 2012 only. Don't suggest someone who was a great hunk in 1999 but now, well, isn't. Feel free to review the caps from the entire year on each actor's page on, as we often use site caps as evidence of worthiness in each category.

Here's a quick cheat sheet for all the categories:
  • Best Hunk: The top award. In order to make it in this category, a nominee must have had noticeable shirtlessness on their soap in 2012. This person really needs to have taken off his shirt in 2012. Did he?
  • Hunkiest Soap: No need to suggest here, as all four remaining soaps will be on the ballot.
  • Best Hunk Over 40: You can consult the site's actor pages for many birthdates. As long as he turns 40 before November 21, he's eligible. Some guys are over 40 that you don't realize!
  • Most Missed Soap Hunk: Greg Vaughan has won this award the past two years running, and now he's back on daytime...see, it's fate! So now which other former soap hunk would you most like to see return to daytime? They can be recent exits, or long-ago departures.
  • Hunkiest Newcomer: Which newbies caught your eye in 2012? To be eligible, freshmen had to have their first major appearance in 2012, or perhaps the very end of 2011.
  • Most Shamefully Clothed: We know he has a great body under all those clothes, but his soap never proves it! Permanently stuck in their shirts throughout 2012, the Most Shamefully Clothed nominees could have saved their shows a fortune in wardrobe costs.
  • Best Torso: Best Torso refers to "everything on the front," from the neck to the waist.
  • Best Pecs: Manboobs alone.
  • Best Abs: Always a competitive category, Best Abs contenders are pretty easy to spot...just look at his stomach. If you can easily count to six, he's a keeper.
  • Best Butt: To successfully evaluate a fine derriere, one must have proper evidence. We are especially picky in the Best Butt category that we have pic/vid evidence to back up the nominations.
  • Best Arms: Bulging biceps get them in every time.
  • Best Voice: Whose voice alone makes you melt? Not necessarily reserved for guys with accents, but those are often hard to top. We will pay particular attention to American suggestions here, though.
  • Best Face/Best Eyes/Best Smile/Best Hair: These should be pretty self-explanatory.
We look forward to hearing everyone's suggestions. Submit them by October 31, 2012 to make sure they get considered, and thanks!


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