Sunday, December 9

Martsolf, DAYS sweep 14th Annual Awards

Eric Martsolf finally took top honors as the winners of the 14th Annual Awards were announced Sunday.

The DAYS stud, who has previous lost the awards' top contest three times, finally won the Best Hunk prize. He also won for Best Arms and Best Hunk Over 40, marking the first time the same person has won both the regular and the Over 40 races in the same year.

Martsolf re-tweeted news of his wins Sunday with his thanks.

It was effectively a sweep for DAYS, a soap that had not had as much success the past few years in these awards. With the recently-sweeping but now-cancelled OLTL out of the way, DAYS managed 12 victories in all. The series won its record-setting seventh Hunkiest Soap trophy, in the most dominant race in awards history.

The only person to win multiple awards outside of DAYS was Y&R's Marco Dapper, whose leading seven nominations going in turned into wins for Hunkiest Newcomer, Best Torso, and Best Butt.

It was a pair of victories each for the DAYS trio of Chandler Massey (Best Pecs and Best Eyes), James Scott (Best Abs and Best Voice), and Freddie Smith (Most Shamefully Clothed and Best Smile).

Other DAYS victors: Greg Vaughan for Best Face and Casey Deidrick for Best Hair.

All-time wins leader Brandon Beemer of B&B won Most Missed Soap Hunk, padding his lead with his 18th Awards win.

Complete voting results can be viewed at the Award archive.

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